Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pottery By Stephanie Smalls

The potters of our guild have been very obliging with pictures. We are pleased to show some of the works of another of our members : Stephanie Smalls.

A group of glazed dishes:

A hand built vase.

A raku vase: Using Horsehair and feathers.

A pair of Raku Penguins .

Nice work Stephanie.

Also: Further information will be supplied as I receive it. In April, we will be having a fundraiser at a local coffee shop which is opening on Christina St. in Sarnia. They will be selling coffee in our mugs - and you get to keep the mug. Here is a preview of a selection of mugs
we have on hand.

Some pretty interesting and funky textures there.

As previously mentioned - I will update the information as it is received.

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