Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update on Recent Events

It's time for an update on the events of the past month.

On May 1st, we held a Teapot Contest in conjunction with First Friday.

I would say it was a rousing success - with some fantastic teapots entered in the contest.

At the right are the winning teapots.

From left to right:
By Ingrid Farago - honourable mention for Funkiest teapot.
Elizabeth Martiniuk - Best Functional Teapot.
Dave Dunk - Best in Show.
Stephanie Smalls - honourable mention for Functional teapot.
Tammy Ward - Funkiest Teapot.

The second photo here is of a tribute to one of our members - Dave Dunk.

Sadly, Dave passed away in November of 2008. His picture is placed alongside some of his teapots.

He has been, and will be sorely missed by all
of the potters in the guild.

We'd like to thank his wife Jean for taking the time to bring in the photo and teapots
for us.

And this last photo is of our setup on
May 2nd for our second annual spring sale.

For some reason or other - Blogger won't allow me to upload the other picture that Jane sent to me - so this is it.

We had 10 potters on hand for the sale. The weather co-operated nicely, and all things considered - it was a good day.

We had demonstrations of painting on pottery by Terri Recker, wheel throwing by Carol Holmes-Kerr and Luke DeVries, and handbuilding by Carol McLachlin. There were
lots of great door prizes, and I think a lot customers were pleasantly surprised to see such a wonderful collection of pottery being presented in this local venue.

I think that all of the potters in this guild should give themselves a pat on the back - there is some great talent in this group.

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