Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Meeting

We had our October meeting this past Monday night. It was good to see everyone again. There was a good turnout.

For a change of pace, we had the meeting at Elizabeth's studio - so she could demonstrate making bottles.

Katherine was kind enough to take some pictures and send them
to me.

In this first picture - Elizabeth is showing us that "after you have
raised the cylinder - you need to set the portion of clay that will become the top of the bottle"

In the second picture - she is showing us how to bring in and
form the top.

The third picture shows us the finished bottle after it has
been formed - and "Needle" trimmed on the wheel.

And lastly - Elizabeth does some wonderful
Crystalline Glazing. Here is a picture of 4 of her pieces
all finished.

Thank you very much Elizabeth. Everyone was very impressed
with the demonstration. It was followed by some general discussion on crystalline glazing techniques.........
(maybe we can talk Elizabeth into doing a crystalline glaze
workshop for us).

Looking forward to seeing everyone in November.

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