Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dirty Girls

Wow! What more can I say?

Jane Danic:

Stef Smalls:

Carol Holmes-Kerr:

Dewy Spizziri:

Sarnia's very own "Dirty Girls".

Today was the opening for "Fire and Water" at the Gallery in the Grove - on until November 21st.

Wow - it was great - if you didn't make it up there, try to get up to see some of this fantastic work. There was a good crowd - and the art work was wonderful. These ladies have really put a lot of work into this show.
Carol came down for the opening (Carol - you're looking good - Ottawa must be agreeing with you).

I managed to take a few pictures - but of course the camera doesn't do them justice.

Correct me ladies if I have this wrong - I'll do my best:

This is a raku pot by Dewy Spizziri - (love the little turtle in the side). The colours and texture are great!

This is Stef Small's favourite Pot - now - I think she told me it
was saggar fired - using horsehair and feathers. There is a lot of great colour in this - pinks and cream. Really nice.

This Plate is by Jane Danic - and I confess - I was so busy looking
at the plate, that I didn't get a chance to read what the process was that she used on it. However - she has done some fantastic
carving around the rim - and then lustred the letters in gold.
It looks very old - what a great effect.

And last, we have a couple of masks by Carol Holmes-Kerr.
One is her face, the other is her daughters. I have to learn how to
do these (Carol - want to come back and a workshop for us)?
Again - I was so busy looking that I didn't get all the information on the process - but the gold lustre was a fantastic effect.

These are 4 very talented ladies!
Thank you for sharing your work with us.

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