Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teapot Show at Petrolia Mercantile

Better late than never.
(Sorry - but I did get very busy over the Christmas season).

The teapots are in place - and they do look good.

They look fantastic - and the workmanship is astounding.
I am always so pleased to see what the members of our guild can
do. I believe there are 17 teapots in all.

Please try to make it out to the Petrolia Mercantile in Petrolia to view the wares.

The store is located right on the main street in Petrolia
- across from Victoria Hall.

I have attached a couple of pictures that I took after we set
them up (if you click on the picture - it will make it larger).

So far - 2 or 3 of the teapots have sold.
The teabag holders for our fundraiser are also selling very well.

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